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5 Weeks To


Guiding entrepreneurs to navigate the funding landscape with unique opportunity of getting funded upto INR 40 LAKHS!!

Many business creators and entrepreneurs feel confused about what investors look for in a startup and the different ways in which their business can get funded. To make things clearer, to help you understand funding better and to open up door to real-time funding opportunities, we've put together this program. 

5-weeks to Funding Readiness teaches founders important skills and knowledge to get Funding Ready and along with the opportunity of getting funded

upto INR 40 LAKHS

Join Startup Connect’s 5 weeks to FUNDING READINESS Program.

Get Your Startup Funded in 3 Simple Steps..

1. Apply through a simple registration process

2. Learn from industry experts on getting funding ready

3. Pitch to panel of experts on allocated date and stand a chance to get funded!

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