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It’s Time for a Change



UPCOMING DEMO DAY - Online DEMO DAY : 5th Sept '23 

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The Startup Event For The Changemakers

Level-Up is designed keeping in mind the interest of FOUNDERS.  The focus is to provide startups with the complete eco-system of mentorship, market access and funding. The focus of the event is : MENTOR CONNECT, INDUSTRY CONNECT AND INVESTOR CONNECT. 

It is a sequence of demo days, spotlight days, open house challenge and knowledge days summing up to the FINAL EVENT DAY (26th and 27th August' 2023). 

NOTE : The DEMO DAYS start from 27th May' 2023.

Team Meeting

Stage Agnostic + Domain Agnostic



Flow of Level-Up


1. Entrepreneurs register for Level-Up

2. Level-Up is a progressive journey.

             Stage 1 - Demo Day

             Stage 2 - Spotlight Day

             Stage 3 - Final Level-Up Event Day

3. Entrepreneurs appear for the DEMO DAY (as per schedule and available slots and deadlines). This is the shortlisting stage.

4. Selected Entrepreneurs from the DEMO DAY graduate to the SPOTLIGHT DAY

5. On the SPOTLIGHT DAY, finalists to present on the Level-Up Event Day will be announced.

6. Disruptive Startups stand a chance for spot selection for Mentorship, fund raise and market access on the SPOTLIGHT DAY.

7. All applicants will have direct access to the KNOWLEDGE programs.

8. On the Level-Up EVENT DAY, winner StartUps stand the chance of funding, awards, mentorship and market access. 

9. Through Open House Challenge, even startups not shortlisted on DEMO DAYS get a chance to present on the EVENT DAY.

10. The Event Day will be a combination of Pitch Presentation, Knowledge Sessions, Exhibition and Networking


Demo Day

This is an ongoing activity. We put the spotlight on the best startups. Every month we organise 2 demo days to identify the best of the startups from the applicants. These startups will further be screened by our Investment Committee on the spotlight day and showcased on the event day.

Spotlight Days

The selected start-ups from the DEMO DAYS gets to interact with our investment team. They are mentored and equipped to pitch their ideas to the INVESTORS on the event day. Disruptive Startups stand chance to be raise fund and get into mentorship at this stage also. 

Open House Challenge

The winner Start-up/s (10 Start-ups) will be selected amongst the applicants irrespective of them getting selected for the SPOTLIGHT DAY. They will be mentored, provided market access and supported with funding.

So, all applicants stand chance to qualify as the Open House Champion.

Knowledge Days

Experts, Mentors, Angel Investors and VCs share Insight for Startups every month. So, once you register for Level-Up, you get the pass to attend these events apart from the mega event itself. 

Level-Up Day

This is the final event day, Pitch competition, knowledge sessions, Key notes, Round Table, Funding and more so, networking Don’t miss it. 

Level-Up 2023

It is a series of Demo Days, Spotlight Days, Knowledge Days involving Entrepreneurs, Analysts, Investors, Institutions, Mentors and CXOs spread over 4 months leading to the FINAL LEVEL-UP Event Day. Unlike many events, Level-Up is designed to ensure continuous engagement to ensure a better output to all the startups - FUNDING, MENTORSHIP AND SCALE-UP.









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This end-to-end Level-Up Event series is organised by India’s leading startup platform – StartUp Connect and The GAIN. It presents a 360 degree ecosystem providing startups with the unique opportunity to access resources, market access,  mentorship, and capital provided by corporations to help them scale their solutions.



The ecosystem will present 25+ Serious Fund Houses, this is just the start...

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and more.....


Exclusive Partners

The ecosystem will present 10 EXCLUSIVE PARTNERS, this is just the start...

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and more.....

Open House Challenge

Level-Up proudly introduces its cornerstone activity:  Open House Challenge for early stage start-ups to uncover the most ambitious and future-thinking solutions. This program is to support and encourage early stage start-ups working disrruptive idaes.

Participative categories for the Open House Challenge:


  1. Agri-Tech and Agri Food

  2. Mobility

  3. Environment

  4. Social Impact

  5. Creative Economy - technology revolutionizing fashion, music, visual arts and sports.

Gaming Team in Black

Team behind Level-Up

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